Little Secret Recipe For the Ladies, Boiled Cinnamon and milk | OPINION

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Cinnamon and milk are the famous combination. This mixture has made such a buzz on social media. Women come to social media to share thier experience with others.

Cinnamon contains anti fungal and bacteria properties. Milk however, cures and prevents quite a few diseases and also help you to relax.

These two mixed together helps with sleepless nights has they increase blood circulation. Ladies who are well aware of their bodies they'll feel the different or effects this mixture make.

It is said that boiling the milk and cinnamon doubles the effects of the mixture in ladies. Women claim that this mixture helps their CAKE tastes sweeter and tighter.

You can also add your cinnamon in your plain yoghurt and eat as it is. Also you don't have to boil the ingredients but insure that you drink it harm.

These two ingredients have no harmful effects for your body. So it's perfectly safe to use not recommended for people who have cow allergies.

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