Nana Ama McBrown Likely To Be Subpoenaed After She Failed To Appear In Court Today To Testify.


Versatile actress was today expected to testify in court in a case involving Bulldog. It can be recalled that Bulldog on one of Nana Ama’s ‘United Showbiz’ shows made some comments that were found to be against the president. He made statements stating that the Akufo-Addo might not finish his term if customers of Menzgold were not paid.

This caused his arrest and interrogation. Bulldog was later released on bail but the case is still in court. Today, Thursday, March 25, 2021 Nana Ama McBrown the one on whose show the comments were made was expected to appear in court to testify but this didn’t happen.

According to reports on Angel FM, she reported yesterday at the police station where she had made her witness statement and told them she won’t testify.

This caused her inability to appear in court today. The court then decided to give her another chance to reappear tomorrow to testify. The prosecutors asked for a subpoena but the judge refused and noted that if she fails to appear in court tomorrow, then the subpoena will be sent out.

Interesting times ahead. Maybe a déjà vu in the Jean Mensa style whereas a witness issues witness statements and later refuses to testify. Share your thoughts. Should Nana Ama McBrown testify?