VIDEO: Man Surprises His Girlfriend With Cake On Her Birthday, See How She Reacted

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Our birthdays are one of the most important days in our lives, we must all celebrate the day we came into this world for there are many out there who can't celebrate their birthdays because of one certain condition or another. Most times if people get too busy they might forget their birthday, so it's left for us to remind them. There are people who would remember their birth date but don't have the resources to celebrate with friends and loved ones. In today's article we would be looking at a lady who got lucky and got a birthday surprise cake from her boyfriend, someone who doesn't have deep connection with you wouldn't do such.

A video from the Instagram handle Festus shows a Man who surprised his girlfriend with a cake and a live play of the Happy birthday song. Her reactions said it all, she was obviously thrilled with the fact that her caring boyfriend bought cakes for her on her birthday. This is the type of boyfriends we need to be seeing today, not the ones that will dump after usuage. But before we jump into fact we don't know the outcome of this relationship, with this is a good sign that might last longer. The video can be seen below, view via your Instagram handle.


In the video, you would notice that she was not used to these stuffs, she even asked for the video recording to be stopped. She tried not to seek people's attention, it means that she was kind of not the urban type. Birthday surprise makes any lady feel loved the more, as a married man or young man you should learn the habit of surprising your partner on her birthday nothing is too small for your partner.

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