Fans left speechless by the cake made for the late Shona Ferguson's birthday.

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Life deserves to be celebrated, even if it is a minor milestone. As people we tend to want many things, so much that we take what we have for granted. That's why we are never happy. Then there are people who appreciate even the smallest things. They make sure to celebrate and appreciate life.

Before Shona Ferguson died, the family made sure to celebrate every moment. So much that Connie once got him a cake just to show him how much she cares. Which is one of the reasons that makes us certain that his death took a tool on her and their loved ones. 

His family and loved ones celebrated him yesterday. Officially marking the day as Shona Ferguson day. They had their favourite chef to make a cake befitting the man that he was. The cake had white wings. It was everything and more. It was definitely a celebration fit for a king.

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