Watch| See What The Police Did to Rose Mary's Legs to Prevent Her from Going 'Crazy' Again

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Date: 20/09/21



The last time the murder accused Rose Mary Ndovu surprised the whole of South Africa after pulling her theatrics in court. She has been going in for her hearing for allegedly killing 6 of her family members but she showed no remorse whatsoever as she danced around the court and made fun of the camera people and every in the courtroom.

Many people assumed she was crazy and she was obviously uncontrollable. The police wanted to prevent her from doing this again so they came up with a plan.


In a recent video released by the newsroom that showcases Rose Mary's appearance in court again, you can see that this time she is calmer. This is because the police decided to put metal chains in her legs to prevent her from doing her theatrics again. This was a very extreme case but it did the job.

It can be seen in the video that she is walking very slow and unable to walk any faster due to how heavy the metal shackles are. She seems calmer and more sane this time. This trick worked like a charm. She did not take the courtroom serious last time and now she is forced to sit and listen to the judge by chaining her legs. In the video, she covered her legs with a blanket so that people do not see that she is in shackles but you can hear them make noise as she moves.


This was a very good decision from the police. The woman is not crazy at all, she was doing all of this to make people think that she is. Now that her legs are in shackles, she is behaving like a normal human being. The shackles must not be removed until the whole case is over and she has been found either innocent or guilty. She is trying to play the mentally ill card.

Watch the full video below:

What is your take on the matter? Do you think this decision to add shackles is a good one?

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