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Brutality as members of Ghana’s parliament sat to debate on the approval of 2022 budget approved which took place on 1st December,2021.

Chaos set in parliament after the deputy speaker of parliament Joseph Osei Owusu suspended parliament proceedings for one hour.

This was after the minority caucus had petitioned the deputy speaker on a motion set aside on the approval of 2022 budget which was approved on Tuesday, 30th November.

Joseph osei owusu known as joe wise made it clear to the MPs that the deputy speaker is not a speaker but to help to speaker in the execution of his duties.

Indeed, in article 96(1) and I quote “ There shall be two deputy speakers of parliament who shall be elected from parliament” and to contrast that, Mr speaker is not a speaker of parliament. “ I am a member of parliament and the second deputy speaker of parliament, our role is to assist the speaker of parliament in managing the house”. So, any attempt to read and interpret the constitution to include the speakers of parliament is a misreading” he said.

”Honorable members let me put on records, I’m a member of parliament and l was counted to be part of the quorum but l did not vote. I did not vote whiles preceding. Therefore, the application is refused” he said.

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