16 Best color combinations for men

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Over the years men have embraced colors in their dressing style instead of the traditional bland colors that were not that great. Sense of style for men is essential as they are required to look smart and sharp for most of their daily routine in meetings, work and the occasional family or work event.

The suits, shirts and trousers should be on point so that they can also find themselves suitable ladies who they can attract, woo and have relationships with. These color combinations can be matched with suitable and stylish shoes that can complete the look.

Wearing a pull neck and a good blazer can make a man look classy and protects against cold weather.

This magenta color gives off a calm and cool look with a side of flare.

Mixing black and grey doesn't work most of the time but with a fitting shirt and we'll tailored trousers the outfit makes one camera ready.

One can never go wrong with red and white.

Adding a colored square pocket and glasses can also bring sophistication in a plain suit.

During a cold season one can wear a semi formal outfit by layering a blazer with a red coat and a pair of jeans.

A brown suit with a blue striped shirt can make one ready for a formal office day.

A dark green suit can be paired with a white shirt makes a man ready for that photo look that some people can wish for.

A sky blue denim or shirt can be combined with black trousers.

For a business casual look wear a denim shirt with a suit.

Mixing a royal blue stylish coat with grey trouser can go a long way.

Printed shirt can also be included in the man's wardrobe.

Wearing a dark green shirt with white trousers can be a trend setter for men.

Also a white shirt and dark green trousers can also be combined.

A white shirt and dark grey trousers can be a classic look that never goes away.

The traditional brown colors that men love can be worn with a white shirt.

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