"I Almost Died" Suicide Survivor Reveals How Married Man Tricked and Slept With Her in Her Hostel

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Suicide attempt survivors have finally opened out about their experiences, saying that the majority of them were motivated by despair.

She said that her melancholy began in seventh grade as a result of the constant bullying she experienced, according to information provided by the woman formerly known as Nyakio. There were numerous blunders she made because of this, she said in her own words.

A married man allegedly slept with Nyakio in her hostel after convincing her that he was single, according to Nyakio. This, she said, was the primary cause of her despair, and she credited her child with keeping her sane in the face of her own self-destruction.

Concerned Kenyans flocked to social media in the wake of the tragedy, urging government officials to consider making mental health care a national priority in an effort to curb the country's alarmingly high rate of suicide and murder.

Kenyans' testimonies stated that the government has yet to take action to address the country's rising suicide and murder rates, most of which have been attributed to a lack of mental health awareness among Kenyans.

At the same time, the government has urged Kenyans to look for other solutions to their problems rather than killing each other. According to the government's data, Kenya loses 5 people a day to suicide-related offences.

Kenya loses four people every day, according to government statistics, in murder-related crimes.

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