Jamaican model looking cute in her bikini

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Jamaican born Anastasia Hernandez is famously known on various social media channels as @stasialuv. She was born and raised in Jamaica. Stasialuv is a video vixen, brand ambassador, entrepreneur, fitness instructor and social media influencer.

She has featured in a lot of Jamaican trending movie series with some of the notable actors and actresses from Jamaica and beyond. She has featured in over 50 Jamaican movies. She has been in the entertainment industry of Jamaica for 10 years.

Anastasia Hernandez is an active member of the entertainment industry of Jamaica. She has achieved a lot of successes and glories since she started her acting and model career. She is also an ambassador for the flowering celebrities in Jamaica.

Her social media followers has increased immensely for the past few months due to her numerous and tremendous performance in the entertainment industry of Jamaica. She has broadcasted her latest pictures on her instagram page. She was wearing bikini outfit when she captured the pictures.

Below are the pictures posted by Anastasia Hernandez in her bikini outfit which is making massive waves on social media. Kindly like, share, comments and follow me to get more of my articles to read.

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