'Te Doy La Vida' Pedro Finds Out Gina's Great Secret


Jimmy writes a letter and gives it to his workmate to take to Pedro. At the workshop,Pedro is given the letter and after reading it he finds out about who Gina truly is. Jimmy warns him that Gina is the accomplice of Ernesto who has been helping him in his evil deeds. He tells him that Ernesto wanted him dead. Pedro is shocked to hear these and he tells Nelson who doesn't believe that he has been raising such a bad daughter.

Pedro confronts Gina who pretends not to know what he was talking about. He threatens to divorce her. Gina tries to explain but Pedro can not listen.

Pedro goes to Elena to tell her about the letter,she reads it for herself and she is surprised. The letter gives the two lovers hope that they will recover Nico from Ernesto. Elena was barred from seeing Nico after she refused to reconsider taking back Ernesto. Pedro promises her that he will use the letter as evidence to show Ernesto's evil deeds.

Pedro goes home and tells Gina that it was over between them and that he is seeking for a divorce. Gina cries a lot to hear the bad news.

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