God Wants The Best For His Precious Children

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It is truly thrilling to know that we are precious to God. When you are born again you become the son or daughter of God. Thus, you become valuable, useful and viable to God; In fact, you become part of God's family and therefore his people. Because of this he will not abandon not forsake you for any reason. If you are going through any challenge, problem or difficulty, never think that God has abandoned or forsaken you. He permits and let the challenges, problems or difficulties come to you purposely to strengthen your faith so that you can mature and grow stronger through them. Thus, you become stronger, better and tougher after going through those challenges. However, God wants the best for you in every situation. Knowing that God wants the best for you puts your mind at ease. Not only does God want the best for us, but He is also doing the best for us. We can see this in the Garden of Eden. Eden was like heaven on earth; It contained all the good things one could think of, and God gave it to Adam and Eve. When sin entered the world, he sacrificed his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, for the sin of mankind. God wishes prosperity, success, greatness and advancement of your soul and body. He wants you to be successful, victorious and triumphant both spiritually and physically. Since God loves you and you are precious to Him, He will make sure that you achieve, excel, conquer and win so that He can use you to inspire others. Meditate on His Word daily, and your soul will be ready to receive instruction from Him, even how to manifest this richness for your material pleasure.

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