Anxiety Rocks Kenyans This Morning After KEMRI's Next Death Projections, Hundreds to Die Again


Covid-19 pandemic has been the biggest threat to livelihoods in the country.Many dreams have been shuttered for many Kenyans.Businesses have collapsed with no hope of being revived.Kenyans are left to feel the pain through the escalating cost of life.

The New Delta variant is proving to be more deadly than the previous variants.The lake region has felt the actual heat of the variant.Stringent Covid-19 measures have been instilled but new infections and deaths are still being witnessed in the region.Yesterday,the Standard Newspaper reported about the Catholic priests from the region being left with stigma due to the constant burials of Covid-19 deaths.

The Government is determined to have its people secure.It is planning to bring more vaccines in the country by August.This will see 13 million Kenyans get vaccinated.Currently,the second dose of the AstraZeneca Vaccine is being administered to those who had received the first dose.

It is however sad to note that more deaths are coming.The Government is projecting more deaths.KEMRI has warned of a new wave this July.The Research Institute has now left Kenyans confused by saying that 580 people are going to die in the next 6 months.This will come from 4300 infections.This projection leaves Kenyans guessing on their next moves towards curbing this deadly virus.More measures should be taken to avert this.