Happening Now: Several Feared Dead Following An Accident Involving Several Vehicles In Bungoma

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Road accidents have been considered as one of the major causes of accidents in the country. This is because each and every day we keep on experiencing road accidents in many parts of the country that cost innocent lives.

Several people have been feared dead following a crash at Kaburengu to Bungoma that has involved many vehicles. Some of the vehicles are on fire following the impact and seriousness of the accident.(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)

The main cause of the accident is not yet known by now. Operations are still ongoing inorder to save those who have been involved in the accident. Drivers approaching the area should be careful or use alternative routes for safety and time.(Photo| courtesy)

Kaburengu to Bungoma is one of the road sections that are considered as blackspots and drivers using the route should be careful while driving. Drivers using all roads in the country are also adviced to be careful and protect lives of other passengers too.(Source screenshot)

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