Eating Of The Holy Communion Is Not Biblical, Christians Should Stop It- Pastor Abel Damina

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Pastor Abel is a popular clergyman who is known for teaching about Jesus Christ, heaven, the coming of Christ, repentance, and correcting people's misbelief. Today, while teaching on Facebook live video, he taught about holy communion.

Pastor Abel said holy communion is not biblical. It's nothing like holy communion. People should stop eating holy communion. It's misinformation. I queried where holy communion is in the scripture. He made it clear that the scriptures were talking about Christ, and thus while they were celebrating the Passover in the Bible, not holy communion. According

to Pastor Abel Damina, Christians should stop eating and holding Holy Communion services. This claim was made when he was instructing his followers on Facebook live. Unlike what many Christians believe, Pastor Abel Damina holds fast to the view that the only thing in the Bible that can be considered a communion service is the Passover feast.

He remarked that some people may still question him about why Jesus ate the Passover. He answered by explaining that when Jesus Christ came to the earth, he was under the law, but he had to fulfill it before he could abolish it. He insists on nothing like holy communion. Why would you take mere bread and drink in the name of holy communion? Why would the holy communion service be held in the first place?

Since Christ was born, died, and rose again for us (as our Passover), we no longer need to eat bread or drink wine as a symbol of our faith. These foods will ultimately digest and be ejected from our bodies, but Christ, who lives in us as Christians, is our Passover and will never be. In conclusion, he asked people to stop taking holy communion. It's not biblical in any form. Do you agree with him? 

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