Antonio celebrates his goal against Leicester City in a grand style

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Michail Antonio scored two goals against Leicester City on Monday, and he celebrated his goal in a grand style. Antonio celebrated the goal by carrying a plastic statue of him and showing it to the fans.

Michail Antonio scored two goals and also assisted a goal scored by Benrahma. His performance this season is quite fantastic and he has gotten a lot of praises from fans all over the world. He also scored and assisted a goal against Newcastle United in there first match of the season.

Westham United have now registered two wins in their first two matches of the season, and they have also scored four goals in each of the matches.

Westham have now scored 8 goals this season and Antonio have scored three out of the eight goals making him westham's highest goal scorer this season.

Westham are really playing well this season and if they continue with their current performance they will become successful this season.

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