How to make dough pizza

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Pizza dough is a delicious meal to prepare, the meal can be served with drinks (sobo drink ) all this makes your meal perfect 

     Lets get cooking 

This what we are making


Pizza consists of the dough and the topping. 

Pizza Dough: 

1. Choose all or any of these-Chopped or sliced Tomatoes

2. Green Pepper

3. Spring Onions

4. Onions

5. Mushrooms

6. Chicken

7. Ham or Beef

8. Cheese

9. Chopped Ripe Pineapple 

Note : the Chicken, ham or beef should be seasoned and cooked. It will be used in mixing the toppings by frying the ingredients in the broth for a minute

1 1/2 tsp yeast 

1 Cup (250ml) warm water 

2 tsp sugar 

3 cups (450g) plain flour 

1/2 tsp sal

  Lets get started

Mix yeast, water and sugar in a small bowl 

Stand in a warm place till its frothy 

Next, you sift flour and salt in a large bowl then you stir in the yeast mixture and mix till the dough is soft 

Knead the dough in a floured surface till it is well mixed 

Roll out on a floured surface into the shape of your baking tray 

Cover the tray with wax paper and grease it 

Transfer into your well greased tray and spread all the way to the edges of the tray with your fingers 

Pop it into the oven and bake till it is slightly baked or brown 

Pour the prepared filling mixture over the dough and bake for 5 mins 

Place your cheese over it and put off your heat 

Cut into slices while it is still hot

Enjoy your meal now with a nice juices like sobodrink

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