Impacts of unity to Kenyans


Unity is paramount for the growth and development of any nation. A country that is united will find it easy to interact on critical and most felt need of her people. Leaders work together not only to benefit themselves but spread the potential development to all Kenyans in their diversity.

Over the passed years, politics that we have had in Kenya has been encompassed with division based on ethnic lines and gender parity. The form of politics has not enable Kenyans speak with one voice towards one direction of national growth. But has propagate for ethnic development.

The tribal development has favored communities whose numbers in the national is high as their members occupy higher offices like President, deputy president, Cabinet Secretaries and other dignitaries who channel all the growth agenda to their communities.

Kenyan ethnic communities who have been in opposition have lowered in low ethnic development with poor roads, poor medical facilities, lack of better schools, clean water,etc.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga brought the Country back to the correct contemplation of unity when they came together in national handshake on 9/3/2018.

From the time handshake was initiated by the two majority ethnic representatives, there has been numerous evidence fruits from the handshake. First important sign is when the Agikuyu elders peacefully went to Luo Nyanza Bondo specifically on 19/12/2020 and sat down with Luo Council of elders with good agenda of uniting the two tribes who have been in constant animosity over the years.

The two leaders Raila and Uhuru sort out issues the Country is facing brought the issues in articulation. It was clearly seen when lucrative development came to Nyanza region as Kisumu City having Stadium, air port, holding public rallies etc.

Kenyan unity should not only be left on our leaders hands. Kenyans in diversity should embrace unity among themselves. Kenyan tribes should see one another as brothers and citizens of Kenya. Thereafter combine efforts in building every tribe equally.

Therefore, I call Kenyans to come together the way they have done to help this great nation realize its potential. Thank you for reading and sharing.