Skeem Saam: Koloi has to pay back the money see Why

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Currently Kgosi wants koloi to pay back all the money Eunice gave him, and Eunice does not know nothing about it,it is clear that Kgosi wants to destroy everything that Eunice was trying to do, because he took all her money and her car but he is not certified

Kgosi take advantage of Eunice Nkadimeng because he knew if he tells her parents that Eunice is addicted to drugs they will try to help her, now he took all her furniture and Eunice had nothing,but she will always remember Emkay's words when she was advising her to stay away from Kgosi.

Koloi is very confused because he can't find Eunice and to communicate with her, remember Eunice does not have a phone, that I'd why koloi can't reach her, maybe Kgosi also stole Eunice's phone.

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