Scientifically unexplained mysteries caught on camera

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There are lots of things that happens in this world that if you make up your mind that you'll think about it, you might end up going crazy or running mad.

God is very powerful and great as everyone knows. He has created lots of things that are beyond imagination. Some of which you will not believe exist unless you see with your naked eyes.

Our creator is so loving and caring, he is great. He created all things to our benefit, some will ask if he created all things to our benefit then what are the wild animals he created use for.

Because all they do is to harm and destroy but no, though most of the cause negative effects. They can be of great use if trained well that's why we have animal trainers. These animals can be used for security purposes, food and lifestock.

Scientist are people that helps in solving problems all over the world. They help us to understand nature better but there are certain things scientist couldn't explain.

Below are scientifically unexplained mysteries caught on camera;

This mystery couldn't be explained by scientist as they don't know what caused lights to circle around in the sky. After about half an hour of it circulating, it disappeared. It was around midday when this scientifically unexplained mystery was caught on camera.

Many people were like how could such thing happen? Scientist came in and they even couldn't explain or tell what was really going on in the sky. It was a human like being swimming around in the sky. It disappeared after some minutes.

As for me, God separated the waters below from the waters above and called the waters above sky and the waters below earth. So the mysterious creature is swimming in the waters above, that's just by the way.

What is your think and say in this?

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