The Richest and Most Successful Twins in South Africa| 2021

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When nature does its things it may terribly be shocking and sometimes it may shockingly be so cool like when someone gives birth to twins. Everyone imagines themselves having twins and others have even tried multiple times to have twins. Those who are twins describe the feeling of being a twin as having someone who doesn't complete them. It feels like the two people make one. It is like having a teammate for life.

In this article, we will look at the twins who are the most successful twins. Some of these twins are celebrities, others are actors and others are entrepreneurs. Without further let's get into the list.

1. Qwabe Twins.

Viggy and Virginia Qwaqwa are professionally known as Q Twins. The twins are born in KwaZulu-Natal, Nonoti. The twins appeared during Idols SA, the twins mostly suffered from stigmatization but learned from that challenge and came as stronger individuals. The twins are inseparable and are currently professional musicians. They first released Hamba ft DJ Tira. DJ Tira could not let the talent go wasted. He helped them start their music careers.

2. Daliwonga and DaliNjebo.

The popular Amapiano best vocalist Daliwonga Matiwane has a twin brother, DaliNjebo. While Daliwonga is a composer of songs. The Soweto-born twins are the most successful upcoming artists and the future looks good as Daliwonga keeps getting features and gigs. Daliwonga's net worth is estimated to be between R1,5 to 3 million.

3. Major League.

The United States-born twins Bandile and Banele Mbere who are currently touring the UK and USA are some of the richest celebrities. The twins have been in the music industry for over decades. The twins are making millions through YouTube streams, music sells and gigs.

The twins recently were reported owing SARS over R9 million. Now let's break this down a little. The gross income tax is levied in different percentages depending on the total income accrued during the year of assessment. The normal tax may be between 20% to 45%. For someone who owes over R9 million, you may assume they have over R200 million.

4. Sindi Dlathu and Zanele Buthelezi.

Sindi is one of the most successful actors in the acting industry as she is currently the lead actor in The River. It turns out her twin is also successful. Zanele is living private a life but she is a successful entrepreneur.

Duduzani and Duduzile Zuma.

Duduzane and Duduzile Zuma are the twins born the former South African President, Jacob Zuma. Duduzane is a successful businessman while Duduzile holds a qualification from the University of Pretoria. Duduzane's income is estimated to be over R200 billion.

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