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Are Doogee Phones Worth Their Price

Doogee is a cellphone brand that has recently started gaining momentum in South Africa, they are mostly sold at Cash Crusaders stores as they seem to have some sort of partnership. However, are they worth spending money on? I have owned two different doogee phones in my life and in this article I'm going to tell you about my experiences with both of them and whether you should buy one. 

Both the Doogee phones I have owned have been relatively solid in build and fast, However, their user interfaces were bloated with features that were not needed. The first thing I did with both of them was install Nova Launcher to make them run faster. I used both phones for a while and mostly got what I had paid for, the only time these phones had really failed on me was the cameras. The cameras were low quality and not as good as they were advertised. Regardless of that these were good phones until I broke one of them. I quickly learned that Doogee parts are hard to find, a cracked screen was not covered in the Warranty and new screens were almost impossible to find so the phone was essentially unfixable. 

This is why I wouldn't recommend a Doogee phone to you, while they are good phones, parts are hard to find. So maybe go for another brand. Tell me what you think of doogee in the comments and follow for more news as it happens.

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