Check out what this beautiful lady was spotted doing to popular Ghanaian comedian, Shatta Bandle

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Being loved and cared for by someone is quite one of the sweetest thing any man could ever desire. The feeling that comes to having to be with someone beautiful, playing with you, all constantly available can indeed bring smiles to someone, as this was the case of a popular Ghanaian comedian, Shatta Bandle, as popularly called who was in extreme happiness and joy after a beautiful lady was spotted with him.

The popular Ghanaian comedian whose name is Firdaus Idrissu is known for constantly being sarcastic and funny, and the latest was what a beautiful lady was spotted doing to him. The beautiful lady who was seen carrying Shatta Bandle on his laps, held him, caressed him like a baby, and rubbed powder on his body. The lady who wore a purple dress was also spotted holding on her hands what looks like a small bottle, filled with baby's milk, as she fed him the drink.

Shatta Bandle who displayed his funny act, laughed and pretended to be crying, as the lady kept petting and patting his body. Shatta Bandle who immediately stood up began dancing, as the lady was in awe. The act which was done by the Ghanaian comedian was met with laughter and joy by many, as they took turns to applaud his creativity. What a funny display indeed, as you can watch the video clip below. What's your opinion towards this, put your thoughts in the comment section below, and share to others, as you can like and follow us for more interesting stories all around the world.


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