Skeem Saam|| Mr Kgomo sabotaged Thobakgale's polygraph test, Paxton was saved in the process

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When a person has power, they sometimes abuse it. Mr Kgomo came up with a way to save his son from being exposed. He called journalists and told them what was happening at the school. In the morning, DJ Thomas from Berry FM called principal Thobakgale and asked her about the polygraph test, she said that she had no comment. After the call she asked herself how he found out about the polygraph test because it was an internal matter.

She went to school so that the polygraph test would be over and done with. Paxton was the first one scheduled, Thobakgale did not know that she was being trapped. Paxton sat down and as he began with the process, journalists came in and took photos. Thobakgale was annoyed and she kicked them out. But it was too late because they already took pictures.

Mr Kgomo pretended to be the victim but his face could tell that it was all his doing. He took his son and his wife to go home since the place was chaotic.


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