MAGUZAWA: The Hausa People That Refused To Convert To ISLAM

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Maguzawa is derived from the Arabic word 'Majus,' which means "running from Islam." Hausa's allusion to Maguzawas is from a state like Katsina. They stayed away from Islamisation in northern Nigeria by fleeing to rural areas during the Islamic transformation. They did not follow Islam when it was brought to northern Nigeria in the fifteenth century; instead, they practiced their traditional religion.

PHOTO SOURCE: Britannica (used for illustration)

A culture's historical history must be understood. The Maguzawans and Hausa have a long history together. However, the majority of them vary in terms of faith, values, practices, and social structure.

Despite the rise of Boko Haram and other Islamic militant groups attempting to impose Islam on the people of Maguzawa, the citizens of Maguzawa remained steadfast.

When Islam was introduced in North Nigeria at the beginning of the fifteenth century, the unique subgroup declined to convert or acknowledge, but many of them are now Christians.

He is a descendant of Magaji and one of the Hausa region's traditional leaders. In the Nigerian states of Katsina, Kano, Kaduna, Jigawa, and Zamfara, rural invasion halted Islamicisation.

So, if you are a Christian at home, I hope this article has shown you why the name "Maguzawa" is no longer negative.

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