Young Graduate Receives A Sum of N221,750 Within 24 Hours As Reward For Honesty

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Nigerian writer and career coach, Bayo Adeyinka is one of the many social media influencers who actually has a positive influence on young people.

Some hours ago, Bayo took to his twitter page to tweet about a rare gesture displayed by a job seeker, Adeshina Samson Oyekanmi, who graduated with Upper Credit in Computer Engineering Technology from the Federal Polytechnic Offa in 2018. And finished NYSC in 2019.

The young man sought him in his DM asking for financial assistance to attend a job interview at Ibadan.

He lives in Ilorin. 

Bayo granted the financial request as seen in the screenshot below.

Later, the unemployed graduate returned to his DM requesting for Bayo's bank account details, that he wanted to return the money given to him, after he attended the interview and discovered that he didn't meet the requirements for the job.

The company needed BSc holders not HND, which he possessed.

However, Bayo was wowed by the young man's honesty and decided to let him keep the money and made the story public on twitter.

This move worked greatly in the young graduate's favour.

Bayo tweeted this today, 24 February 2021.

"Update On The JobSeeker Initiative We got 6 additional donors who contributed a total sum of N221,750 today. This is inclusive of the N100,000 donated by my friend who stated it was for those who just got a job and need some amount as fare till they receive their first paycheck".

It's so heartwarming to see the huge amount generated for Adeshina within 24 hours.

Also, some twitter users offered the lucky graduate job opportunities in their establishments. 

A great lesson on the rewards of integrity.

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