Does Studying in a Private University Affect the Chances of Securing a Job After Graduation?


This is a question that many people keep on asking themselves. This is after the government started placing students in the private universities. From the year 2015,Kenya universities and colleges placement service started sending government sponsored students to private universities. At first so so many people raised alarms and some parent even started getting worried since they thought that when their students graduate from private universities they may not be able to secure jobs.Right now so many private universities in the country are full of government sponsored students. This is one of the ways the government has put in place to make sure the private universities are still offering education. Some year back the government was sponsoring students who were able to get B minus in KCSE. A girl needed to get above 58 points while boys were to score 60 point so as to be sponsored.

Later all this changed and the government started sponsoring all students who got above C plus. This means that most students who used to join private universities ended up being sponsored by the government.

The truth is that no matter the institution you graduated from, the chances of securing a job is the same. The allegations that it hard for you to get a job after graduating from a private universities is nit true. As long as you have your certificate with a good distinction, don't worry about the institution as long as it is verified by the government. Parents stop panicking because your kids have been placed in private universities.

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