Woman dies after hospital returned her home after vomiting blood and family wants answers see why

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Our hospital gets blamed sometimes after someone dies. As they are being accused of being ignorant and negligent because of the things they do to their patients. We have people who have complained about the treatment they get from the hospitals, they say Nurses are rude, you can go to the hospital very sick and instead of checking you they will just give you pills and tell you to go back home.

Sometimes they can even tell a sick person they can't admit them because they don't have enough beds for them to sleep meaning they will have to go back home and heal there. And this can be risky as a sick person needs to be observed to make sure they are ok.

This is what they allegedly did to this lady who was rushed to the hospital as she was vomiting blood. But was sent back home by the doctor. Below is what happened to her please read the whole story that was shared on social media by a family member who wants justice for their child.

So in this matter, people feel that there are people who are hiding something here because a lot was hidden they first didn't want to allow the family in to see the body and didn't mention that she had bruises on her body and then they returned hey home by the doctor.

By the look of things, this woman was murdered and the murderer is being protected they don't want the family to find out what happened. And the family has tried everything in their power to find the person who did this but they failed. And by the look of things, something like this has happened before and the case didn't get anywhere.

So now the family needs help in finding justice for their child, by asking people to share this story maybe someone out there will see this and help the family.

We say enough is enough with the killing of women, when will men stop doing this turning children into orphans by killing their mothers.


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