The 5 Explosively Powerful Politicians In South Africa

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The 5 Explosively Powerful Politicians In South Africa

Date: 2021/10/18

The list that is prepared here is based on influence, the assets, and relationships that the Politician has, the municipalities, and the people they engage with. The 5 is my opinion and it will be based on the information and facts that are listed here. All these politicians are explosively powerful.

5. Fikile Mbalula.

This is because of the moves he has been able to make, from moving to the minister of sports and recreation to the transport minister, which he does fund anymore like the metro rail and Prasa, so the budget for the public transport all moves to the tools he would like to fund for getting the public the most important function of all these operations, but he believes in Gautrain rather than cheap trains. There were pictures of him in Dubai living his best life, also they said he spent some money from the government irregularly.

4. Bheki Cele.

This is when you measure the power and the influence that a man has and Bheki is one of those guys, he can get access to any place, or anyone he chooses too, he is the most respected man in the political environment, in terms of money we do know because he does not show off, but he has a couple of Properties in Kwa Zulu Natal and Gauteng.

3. Julius Malema.

Julius Malema and the Economic Freedom Fighters have become very powerful, the deals they have been able to connect ever since the beginning of the pandemic is huge, they began campaigning before any other party they control the capital metro with the number of votes they got back then. His guys Floyd Shivambu was implicated in the VBS scandal when 2 billion went down the drain, his other brother is the one that has tenders in big events like the Durban July.

2. Cyril Ramaphosa.

Cyril Ramaphosa with the mine deals that he had when he was just running unions in Rustenburg for the mine companies, ended up being a shareholder, then, later on, he was buying Frenchises of McDonald's, now he is in business with Bill Gates and they are funding a new startup with Patrice Motsepe, google says he has a net worth of over a Billion Rands.

1. Jacob Zuma.

He comes in at number one because he has all the access to the defense tools because if you remember very well he was part of an arms deal with a French Company that sold weapons to the South African Military, that is why he is being prosecuted, also they say he might have gotten some funds in a wrong way when he became president he signed a deal with Russian and China which scared the westerners, he has good relations with the Zulu and Swati Royal Family.  

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