Date Rush: Is 'Powder Guy' losing something precious he is not aware of?


Ruby and 'Powder guy' have been in the news for cheating saga as they have been the talk of town. Ruby accused Powder guy for cheating on her because she claims Powder guy kept her waiting in his house for hours but he never appeared. That incident really entered her much and she became heartbroken.

She made it known to the public that, she is no longer interested again because Powder guy didn't show much interest in the relationship despite all the efforts she put in. Ruby also said, a lot of her friends were saying he is not her type and she is classy more than him but for the love she had for him, she decided to give it a try. Not knowing Powder guy has his own intentions by using and dump her.

Ruby revealed that, she used to cook banku and tilapia with her own money for him to come and eat. She was not giving him pressure neither was she worrying him with money issues but he didn't appreciate. For the dust to settle and letting the barking dogs sleep, Powder guy apologised for his actions and inactions. Ruby however accepted the apology but made up her mind not to continue the relationship again.

Not long ago, someone from nowhere has bought Ruby a brand new Jeep which has caught the attention of her. She broke the news on social media and how grateful she is to the kind gesture. Now she doesn't talk about the powder guy again but it looks like her attention has been shifted to the very person who bought her the jeep.

The question here is, is 'Powder guy' losing something special or precious he is not aware of? The reason is that, to get a lady who cooks for you free without asking you a penny is one in a million. Doing everything he wants within a twinkle of an eye is something he shouldn't have trodden upon. All these benefits are going to elude Powder guy for another man. Well let's see how everything goes. We wish her good luck for every aspect of hers.


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