Fighting Brain-Drain


Brain drain is the movement of qualified,trained,talented persons from one country to another.

This problem should be fought in the following ways:

-In equality within intellectual rank both in terms of status and income should be narrowed out to bring about equality and reduce brain drain.

-An organization should be set up to provide information and advice to highly qualified persons and graduates on job opportunities within the country.

-Besides good pay and perks professionals should be provided with amenities such as housing, schooling for their children and for those willing to return from abroad should be paid travel fare by organization which they join.

-There should be a scientific pool scheme to help young talented scientist for placement in various institutions and organizations and also attract those working or studying abroad.

-It was also suggested that the levying on an international tax on professionals settling abroad should be collected and remitted to the country in which the person comes from .

-There should be a migration organization to develop a coherent policy for the movement of individuals across borders.

Coming back home of successful emigres,some of whom get fabulously rich will invest capital to start industries in developing countries leading to economic growth.


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