It's Not Misplaced For Women To Go For Loans To Enhance Their Body; It Comes With Profit - Obinim.

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According to Bishop Angel Obinnim, some women goes for loan to enhance their body ( breast and Buttocks). To him ( Angel Obinnim) , its not a misplaced action to go for loan purposely for body enhancement because it comes with a lot of profit.

"I'm telling you the truth. If you enhance your body, you're likely to get enough profit within just a year. I'm telling you. These days, even when you pass your exams, Managers don't look at your certificate " Obinnim explained.

" A manager will look at your physical appearance although you have a certificate. He'll look at you up and down. If you don't have a nice body, you know the outcome " Obinnim preached.

" That's the order of the day. Today I'm telling you about things that have been happening at the blind side of us all. However, some of these are profitable and there is no doubt " Obinnim added.

You can click on the link below and watch from the 3rd minute onwards.

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