"I'm waiting to seal three points from chiefs" Benni MacCarthy drops a bombshell

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"This is the fixture i have been waiting for, we have to seal up this 3 points! Am not undermining them, but fact of matter is that they (Kaizer Chiefs) are too weak for us."

Beating Chiefs instills confidence to these small teams, that's why after defeating Chiefs they celebrate as if they won the league, you know why, because Chiefs is the biggest team in the country.

Aizen Seepane nah! Because their fans are talking too much more than other clubs.so we wanna keep this noice in bay.

Bothers, what makes a team great it is its achievement, that's why I won't withdraw my statement, Chiefs is the biggest team, it has achieved a lot, tell me about Orlando Pirates and Mamelodi Sundowns they are the biggest teams, but the rest they are not even quarter of what Kaizer Chiefs is.

This topic kills me dead we need to distinguish between great as in good with big as in huge then I think we will understand wits was not a big team but a good team same goes for supersport so for me sundowns is a good team and great team.

Chips was a big team for now Mamelodi Sundowns is a big team not in South Africa but Southern Africa and and is the 3rd after the Egyptian giants.

Benni was always dreaming to defeat chiefs imagine kung fu system can not work in chiefs only in China baxter should change the system to defeat amazulu and benni should put to shame.

I am a Chiefs fan but i dont blame Benny for saying that shame,Chiefs dont focus on what they should be doing on the they always focus on gossip.

lots of psl coaches dont respect chiefs shame,why are they not doing what they did to reach CAFCL Final and stay away from gossip.

Such a disrespectful coach i wish our players can win it for us.Kaizer Chiefs Supporters bcs Baxter is making fools like Benny to disrespect our brand.

Ok but in accordance with my little,knowledge 11 vs11 no one is superior that the other,we all have equal opportunities to win a match in any given day,so to label another team weak,i dont know,but let me not go deep,my conversation end here.

Source https://www.kickoff.com/news/articles/south-africa-news/categories/news/premiership/eight-return-for-amazulu-ahead-of-kaizer-chiefs-clash/706108

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