4 Nigerian Actresses that Share a Striking Resemblance with their Mother

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Genetics has made it possible for Children to inherit the Character and physical appearance of their Parents. However the Closeness of this Resemblance may be stronger in certain cases. Below are images of Nollywood Actresses that resemble their Biological Mothers closely in terms of Looks.

1.Tonto Dike

Tonto Dike is a Nigerian celebrity that was born 36yrs ago into the family of Chief Sunny Dikeh. Her mother was a very beautiful woman named Veronica. Few days ago Tonto shared a photo on Instagram which looked exactly like her until she revealed that it was the Mother. Mrs Vero would have been mistaken by many to be Tonto Dike's Twin if she was still alive.

Image Credit: Instagram.com/Tonto Dike

3.Mercy Aigbe

If you set your eyes on Mercy Aigbe's beautiful mother, you will understand where she got her looks from. They share a lot of qualities in common such as Facial structure, Skin tone, Beauty, Smile and Extrovertedness. Mercy is very proud of her mother Mrs Abisola Grace Owodunni.

Image Credit: Pulse

3-4.Adaeze and Genevieve

Adaeze Onuigbo is one of the young Actresses that is making waves in the Nollywood. She took over from Regina Daniels to become a household name in the industry. Adaeze is a younger version of her mother Oby Onuigbo in terms of physical appearance. Genevieve Nnaji also shares a similar bond with her mother Benedatte.

Image Credit: Instagram

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