Tweeps could not believe that the lady is 21 years old

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People were indenial that the lady is turning 21 years old. They said that she looks old to be 21 years old. 

Whether it's a miracle of genetics, a great skincare regimen, or a youthful energy about them, there are countless envy-inducing individuals who never manage to look their chronological age. And while those lucky folks still getting carded at 50 may keep their tricks for maintaining an effortlessly-youthful appearance closely guarded secrets, there are countless ways to have people doing a double take when you tell them how old you are. People thought that the lady was lying about her age and others made some nasty comments about her looks. 

People's body and features are different and also family genes plays a part in some women's body. The food that is eaten in this century is modified and can contribute. Her face shows that she is young, she is beautiful and has a nice body.


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