Counsel for the Youth, by John Mensah

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10th Counsel - continuation from 9

He gathered his few items and migrated to Kokofu at Friday dawn. He promised to be back as soon as possible.

           No sooner had Atiamo left than soldiers swooped to Feyiase. They came in two armour cars. They searched for him everywhere but all efforts proved futile. They ransacked people’s rooms in search of the riffles. Their rampage imposed fear and panic upon the inhabitants. They flogged people who wouldn’t permit their rooms to be searched.

They made an announcement to the general public. ‘Whosoever tells us the where-about of the stout guy or even his family will be rewarded handsomely.’

Sankaara, the man who was once beaten by Atiamo, gave the soldiers a tip-off. ‘He is called Goliath. Let me lead you to his house.’ Upon reaching Atiamo’s house, they came by Aboagyewaa. They entered every room and searched for Atiamo as well as the riffles but none was available.

Tell us the where- about of your husband or we deal with you drastically.’ Roared the soldiers. ‘My husband has gone to farm. He will return in the evening.’ Aboagyewaa replied as she shivered vehemently.’

They waited till dusk but Atiamo did not turn up. 

They molested Aboagyewaa and took her to the barracks. They seized her phone too.

           Atiamo called his wife to see how she was doing but a man picked the call. Atiamo interrogated him and realized that he was a soldier. The soldier said, ‘I guess you are Goliath, Aboagyewaa’s husband. She is now in our custody at Michelle Camp, Sunyani.’ Atiamo fumed, ‘How dare you take my wife to your camp, huh? What is her offence? It is I who have committed and not she. Please release her at once.’ The officer said, ‘It will be better for you to return the riffles before your wife faces the consequences.’

           Atiamo was enraged and became restive. He returned to Feyiase the following day. He informed his parents about the incident. They admonished him to exercise patience and thread cautiously. He vowed to go to the barracks and release his wife. He fumed, ‘No one can enter into a strong man’s house and plunder his property unless he first binds the strong man, and then he will plunder his house.

I am a strong man, I have not been bound, yet, you come to my house and snatch my wife, ha-ha-ha. In this world, if nothing touches the raffia, it will never rattle. You have sown the wind and you will reap the whirlwind.’ We shall see.’







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