Ladies Beware; 7 Signs That You Are Dating A 'Player'.

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Many times, you are talking to a man,he's cute, charming and knows exactly how to wrap you around his fingers. You may have a bad feeling about him, thinking he's probably cheating on you but you lack any prove. This signs will help you know who he really his.

1. He's very nice to you in private but doesn't try as hard in public.

He will play as affectionate man when you are together but distance himself more when on public. He simply wants to be seen single and maybe nervous about the running into one of his other partners.

2.Doesn't text unless he wants something.

If a man his serious with you,he will reach out now and again to know how you are doing. However,if he isn't serious with you he will only text when he's ready to see you.

3. Keeps track of where you are but never goes to the same venue.

He's rarely available on your free days and if he his,he "accidentally" goes to a different venue than you are. He will call to ask where you are just to make sure he doesn't bump to your unexpectedly.

4. Doesn't introduce you to his friends and family.

He feels self- conscious about introducing you to family and friends for fear that someone might tell the truth about his love life.

5.Values beauty over brains.

He tends to care less about a woman's personality. As a lady you should pay attention to his compliments to know if he focuses on your looks or ypunas a person.

6. Suspicious of you.

He tends to think that you are just like him, just like selfish people think everyone only cares about themselves. Jealous and mistrust will be written all over him as he will always think you are fooling him.

7. He parties alot.

Just like drunkards, a player will want to spend all his free time partying mostly to be noticed by other women.

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