2021/2022 Armed Forces Recruitment is Open - Appy here.


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The Ghana Armed Forces recruitment is out to apply else when is the Deadline/Closing date for the Ghana Armed Forces Application/Recruitment? The deadline for the application of the Ghana Armed Forces Recruitment 2021 is June 5, 2021. Deadline: Applications will be received until June 5, 2021. NOTE: The Ghana Armed Forces is an equal opportunity employer.

link www.http://gadonline.mil.gh

General Qualifications For Recruitment into the Ghana Armed Forces

1. Must be a citizen of Ghana by birth

2. Must portray good behavior(character)

3. Must be between the ages of 20 years old to 25 years for regular commission and 30 for short periods.

4. To join the armed forces, you must be physically and mentally sound.

5. Must not be bound for any reason.

6. Must not married if regular applicants

7. The minimum height of the males is 1.68m (5'6'') and females 1.57(5'2").

8. Must have the following.

(I) Six credits ( not less than C6) in Core English, Core Mathematics, and Core Science. WAESCE.

(II)Six credits ( not less than D) in Core English, Core Mathematics, and Core Science. SSCE.

(III)Six credits ( not less than 6) in Core English, Core Mathematics, and Core Science. I level not less than D in three subject at GCE A level.

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