" When you marry your best friend ". Look at what the couple was seen doing

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we all want to find love and be loved but for some, that seems to be a very difficult thing for them to acquire as they are struggling to find the perfect person for them. Some people say that for one to find love they need to stop searching for the "perfect partner" as there isn't a perfect person in this world that we're living in, everyone has their flaws.

I'm sure we've heard stories of people marrying their best friends right? Well, that doesn't usually mean marrying your best friend but it could also mean that a couple is so close that they seem to be best buddies.

Well, there is an image that was posted on Twitter and the image shows a married couple, and it seems like they are playing a game while sitting on the floor. The caption of the post reads "when you marry your best friend".

A lot of marriages don't even reach this stage, some people get married early to the person they believe they are in love with but some don't even reach this stage as they divorce without reaching this age together.

I'm sure a lot of people would love to have such a relationship, as you can see from the images above the man and woman made the efforts to spend time together by playing a game. This is something that we don't get to see every day, so there's no reason why anyone wouldn't want to have such a relationship.

I guess one would be lucky to have such a relationship with their partner, because things have changed today people don't even mind marrying someone just for their money or wealth, so if you feel like you've genuinely found the one that feels like your best friend then you better consider yourself the lickiest person on earth.

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