GOOD NEWS: Ghana To Rebuild Demolished High Commission Building


Yes, some days ago, Ghana officials demolished a building in their country owned by Nigerians, and this has brought some bitter reactions on Nigeria government and it's citizens.

Today, June, 25, 2020, Ghana has promised Nigeria to rebuild the building in the Nigeria high commission in Accra, which was announced by the Minister of Foreign affairs, Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama.

The Minister was pleased with the decision Ghana made concerning the demolished building, as the country have taken proper responsibility.

Geoffrey Onyeama was dissatisfied with Nigerian officials in Ghana, who didn't obtained the required documents for a land acquired there, despite paying for it 20 years ago i.e 2000.

He also stated that, the High Commission didn't obtain title deeds or an approval for the demolished building in Ghana.

However, Ghana response towards this is great, commendable and will also promote peace.

Here are photos of the building demolished some days ago: