10 most Desperate Routes for Adrenaline Hunters


Hiking Trail, China

Not far from the city of Xi’an in Shaanxi province, there is a hiking trail located on Mount Hua, it is considered to be the world’s most dangerous trail. It is made up of bottomless abyss without railing or fences.

Troll wall in Norway

This place is popular not only among tourists but also among BASE jumpers. The rocks are considered on of the most difficult object for BASE jumps because of the protrusion reaching 50m. You can meet a lot of trolls in front of the wall only in form of souvenirs. According to legend, these rocks are petrified trolls who once lived in front of the wall

Glass walkway, China

Here you will have a chance to walk on a transparent bridge suspended; this is not for the faint hearted people. The path was named “the coiling dragon” and it wraps the mountain at an altitude of about 1.4 km.

Trolltunga, Norway

If you intend to conquer your fear of heights and have great photos, you should visit this place with an altitude of 604m above sea level. The site got its name because Norwegians claim the cliff looks just like a trolls tongue

Diving with sharks (California, the Bahamas, Cuba, Australia)

Would you conquer you fears and swim with sharks especially if you see how it opens the mouth and takes a fish directly from the hand of an instructor? In this site, you will see sharks swimming above you and some of them will even look directly into the camera when you are taking photos

Mata diving, Bali

This is the best place for both beginners and experienced divers to dive. These giant mantas are not threat to humans but they will impress you due to their nature and size. This is the largest type of ray at about 4, 4.5 m long.

 Wonder Land Amusement Park, Dubai

Dubai has a lot of amazing things as we all know. Among those things you can find awesome rides that date back 1996. In wonder land, you can relax and enjoy the 3 feet high wave of Flood River.

Madidi National Park in Bolivia

The most shocking thing about this place is that for each species of animal or plant to survive, it has developed its own poison; For example, moths, ants, snakes, bears, and wild boars. What makes this national park stand out is that everything literally created a danger

Devils pool in South Africa

During the dry season that is between September and December, the water level in the river lowers and tourists can swim here without any fear of falling. This is just a natural pool located on the edge of Victoria Falls and its about 1,800 m wide and 180 m high. There is also a guide who will show you the safest place to enjoy

Cliff camping, The Alps

It is not easy for a person to spend a night outside camping may be in the woods or just any other place, not everyone feels safe. Just imagine yourself in your tent in 40-50 feet of f the ground and enjoying amazing view

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