Things That Caused Ramagalela's House To Burn Down

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These are very bad news because it is painful for a player but not just a player but a person to lose such a very good property. Everyone knows how expensive a property may be amd also how expensive a faniture may be. All in all this is really not good for Ramagalela.

The striker - who is accepted to have been left crushed by the news - was allegedly made mindful of the episode which occurred in Mamvuka, Limpopo. 

Ramagalela joined the Chili Boys in August 2021 after the transfer of previous club Black Leopards. 

Picture By: KickOff.Com

Reached via Seaz news Ramagalela could just affirm the misfortune. 

"Indeed, yes it's valid, yet the present moment I'm actually managing the occurrence, so I will converse with you later," Ramagalela said. 

Because of wounds, the 32-year-old has so far not showed up on the field of play for the Port Elizabeth based side.

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There are many things that can possibly start a fire in a house. Sometimes it can be those small appliances because sometimes they can be easily left unplugged of which they might cause a fire. And also small things like an iron can easily start a fire that could burn the whole house down.

It is just that small appliances can be easily forgotten amd be left unplugged. Of which might lead to extreme danger especially when there are children around the house. That could easily put their lives in extremely danger. Those are the things that can easily start up a fire that may burn a whole house.

And also you will never know what people are thinking of other people. Some people may be jealous out there and got to set up a house on fire. Not everyone can be happy with someone's other progress. In that case there are many things that may have possibly started the fire.

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