Help Me Find My Mother ~ Ghanaian Lady Pleads With Kenyans


Mothers are always cherished and dear to their children. They always want the best for us and in most occasions pray for us to prosper in life. Equally, their protection and cover has seen most young people live a straightforward life without engaging in criminal activities like thuggery. It is in this regard that a Gambian lady, 32 years of age travelled all the way from Gambian to Kenya in search of the mother.

Photo of the Gambian lady

They young lady pleaded with Kenyans to help her trace the mother so that they can be together. She noted that the father had a disagreement with the mother when she was young leading to the bitter separation. The mother came to Kenya while the father returned to Gambian.

The lady continues by saying that she has a picture of both parents and Willing to travel to radio stations until she gets help. Netizens expressed their concerns to her and wished her the very best in her quest to find the mother.