“If I’m responsible for your death, fight me with your ghost” - Christiana Awuni


Christiana Awuni started her career as a model and ventured into the showbiz industry. She is now one of the best actresses in Ghana.

Christiana Awuni has stated that, her last words to the late Bishop Bernard Nyarko before his casket was closed it to strike her dead if indeed she is responsible for his death. This follows an earlier claim by Bishop Bernard Nyarko’s mother starting that Miss Awuni was the responsible for her sons death. Due to this, Christiana Awuni has revealed what she secretly speak unto Bishop Bernard Nyarko’s casket for his last respect. According to Miss Christiana Awuni, her secret words was, “If I’m responsible for your death, fight me with your ghost”. The late Bernard Nyarko was commonly known in show business as Bishop Bernard Nyarko, was a Ghanaian actor and comedian who recently became a full-time preacher. He was known for the Hero: Service to Humanity and Sidechic Gang movies.

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