52 Year old Esther Musila Pamper Her 30 year Old Boyfriend On Her Birthday

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It's possible that the picture will include at least one person, with that person standing in the grass.

Esther Musila, as she got older, made sure that her younger spouse, Guardian Angel, received the respect that she deserved. The woman who has three children reveals that the birthday parties she has shared with her guardian angel over the past three years have been the most meaningful and treasured. 

I've never been adored like this," The journey is one that Esther Musila and Guardian Angel take together. I expressed my gratitude to my traveling partner by saying, "Thank you so much, my darling, for your presence has made my existence better, and your spirit has contributed pleasant proportions to my reality." 

I'll keep pace right next to you as we go "cherished Esther Musila, an additional angel of protection 

Today is the celebration of my third birthday, and I am happy to join you in applauding it. She went on to say that "all of these are the most important and valuable," but only to a certain level. She continued by stating that having a Guardian in her life has been beneficial to her personally, and that he is a wonderful spouse. 

Mike Sonko lashes out at people who believe Esther Musila is the 'grandmother' since she is the other half of the guardian angel

"You've helped me become a valuable member of your team thanks to..." Your presence in my life is one of the many reasons I praise and thank God on a daily basis. Because of the way you love me, I get the feeling of being cherished, cared for, and safeguarded.

If I pay attention to their shenanigans, I'm going to miss out on an incredible opportunity "- Kenyan gospel artist who is 31 years old and who writes songs while also instructing his life partner who is 51 years old in photography 

"I have a really strong aversion to the idea of anyone else walking alongside me on the street where I live. I'm grateful that you brought to my attention how mouthwatering butter may be. I honor you beyond the stars and beyond the moon. I can't thank you enough for coming to see me, G. 

Holy Messenger Celebrates His Wife Esther Musila's 52nd Birthday With an Adorable Party, Declaring, "You Are My Life" -



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