God Said I Am His Cat And The Evil Men In Nigeria Are Rats So I Must Remain In Nigeria -Oyedepo Says

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Bishop David Oyedepo has revealed why God told him not to leave Nigeria. He made this revelation during his sermon at the midweek communion service, as he preached a message on the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer.

He said that one thing the Holy Spirit does in the believer's life is to make him joyful. The Bishop said that the Holy Spirit is the spirit of joy, and he will make the believer explode in unexplainable joy in spite of his situation.

He explained that when the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles, they erupted in supernatural joy to the point that the people around them thought they were drunk.

He then said that there are some revelations God can give a man, which will cause him to be joyful. He then revealed one revelation God gave him that caused him to laugh.

"Sometime ago I asked God why he told me to stay in Nigeria," he said. "He said 'You are my cat, and these evil people are rats. When you shout, they will jump the fence!'" he said as the congregation burst into laughter.

The Bishop was referring to the way he reacts to some unpleasant happenings in the country. He has been very vocal on the happenings in the country.

"I had the laugh of my life that day," he said. "Even if you have never laughed before, you will laugh after hearing that."

If you want to hear the Bishop's words, skip to 1 hour and 39 minutes of the video below.

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