Tribe They Do Not Bury Their Dead Relatives But Live Under One Roof Bath And Feed Them Twice A Day

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When a loved one dies you feel disappointed that most of us don't want to talk about how they lost their life, however their is a tribe of folks that do. In the Toraja vicinity of Sulawesi in Indonesia where the dead are constant part of everyday life.

After someone dies, it may be months occasionally years before the funeral takes place. In the period in between, the households keeps their bodies within the residence and take care of them as if they have been ill.

They are brought food, drink and cigarettes twice a day. They are washed and feature their garments modified Regularly. The lifeless even have a bowl inside the room as their bathroom. The deceased are not left on their own and the lighting is always on for them while it gets dark.

The households worry that if they don't take care of the corpses nicely, the spirit in their departed loved ones will give then trouble. Rather than burying their loved ones and leaving them their in Indonesia, the Toraja people exhume the corpses of their fellow villagers.

The corpse is dressed in a special garments and paraded across the village even as special care is taken to smooth the frame, the corpe's clothes and the Casket. If someone's loss of life occured outside the village, the corpse may be taken to the spot of loss of life earlier than being walked lower back to the village as an act of returning domestic.

Traditionally, special leaves and herbs were rubbed on the body to hold it. But nowadays a retaining chemical Formalin is injected instead. It leaves an effective chemical reek within the room.

What I do wonder is that how can they deprive happiness slumbering with their dead relatives? Can't they simply leave the dead to relax in peace.

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