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Knust School business has been the best when it comes to business matters and activities they are the best. Their students after school do their best and show that they're intelligent in every business sector they work in. Students in the business school wear a blue shirt and black trousers.

Fiscal Brown is a very intelligent and a very beautiful lady reading marketing and she is at level 200. She is a lovely girl and also works as a student. She does deliveries of products inside and around the campus of Knust school of business.

Another fine gentleman called Joseph Okyere. Joseph Okyere is a very neat and nice gentleman and he has started with his cookies business on campus. Joseph Okyere is popularly known as Dr.Cookies on campus because of the Cookies he sells and he has been making a lot of money through the cookies business. Joseph okyere is at level 200 reading Marketing.

Naa Abeka is also at Knust School of business reading Marketing and international business and she is very intelligent. When it comes to beauty she is very beautiful and she is a fair complexion. She is a very friendly girl and she loves and respects everyone she makes friends with.

Bruce is also a business student reading logistics and supply chain management at Knust School of business. She is very pretty and she loves hanging out with friends a lot because she always wants to feel happy. She is also intelligent and likes learning so to make her purpose in life come true.

Blessed Gyan is a very intelligent student and he won the Class rep of the year when he was nominated in the Knust School of Business awards. He is reading marketing and international business and also the class rep in the class he is. His mates like him a lot because he has time to listen to other people's problems and help them to solve their problems.

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