"Inhumane World" - Half Body Of A Dead Recovered Near A School In Kajiado


The world has turned to be inhumane. People are getting kidnapped, tortured and even killed and nothing happens to the culprits. This clearly shows that the so called friends have now turned to be our enemies and hence the need to remain careful.

Just like in Tuala town, Oloosirkon Sholinke Ward, Kajiado Sub-County, Kajiado County, a half body of a dead man has been found behind the Oloosirkon Primary School. It's alleged that the body belongs to a boda boda rider since it was found with a reflective jacket. It is also believed that the victim was murdered and his body dumbed by unknown people with visible machete cuts on his head gets spotted.

The body was found half eaten with allegations that unkown wild animal might have turned his body into a feast. These day to day murders are scaring many people as security remains wanting to maintain peace.

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