Raila's 2022 Politics Staggering as Millie Odhiambo Leaves This Powerful Message, Adopts BBI Bill


The ODM party is now turning into a war zone and this is good news for Tangatanga and other camps. Raila Odinga is making sacrifices to let go some of his close Allys that stood with him during his swearing in. What happened today is a minus for Raila Odinga and a plus for DP Ruto's camp. Raila Odinga is now weakening and his 2022 presidential ambitions are shaking.

The removal of Otiende Amollo from the JLAC position was not well received. Millie Odhiambo despite accepting the BBI report her powerful message lecturing the MP's rejecting the report was a clear indicator of the frustrations. She said,

"Even for us as women, you will get challenges. That doesn't mean that we are any lower. And in any event you're supposed to come in to learn politics, so if you're going to face those challenges, you're learning politics.

The problem we have is not an expanded Executive or Legislature, it is corruption. And BBI talks about dealing with corruption. Based on that, I support." Millie Odhiambo revealed.

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