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1. Just after I idea I'd visible everything, I went to my gal buddy to a resort, and as we have been going to swim, my chick pulls out a cleaning soap and scrub from her suitcase, “wow nowadays we are bathing in cream dam honey.”

2. The time you idea you would complete cleansing the house, best to find out your filthy garments at the stove.

3. I attempted that nonsense this morning, compatriots, I do not recognize why my frame is now in pain. It's best on appropriate mama, was, and kiln detergents commercials that youngsters may be spilling petroleum on their white and their mom will now no longer speak.

4. Aunty, you will be developing the slay at some stage in the day and peeing in a jelly bottle at night, so.

5. Someone bought my granny a calculator as a smartphone; all I must do now could be told the person who damnation is actual, OTR.

6. Immorality is while your spouse is arguing with the gatekeeper and yells, “MY HUSBAND WILL SHOW YOU WHO HE IS!” It appears that both you free up Usain Bolt pace, or you switch to John Cena.

7. As a terrific guy, every time I consume at Domino's or KFC, I take my plate and easy it myself, regardless of what others say.

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